– Toshkent Soliq kolleji

College history

фасадWith a view of perfection of system of profile preparation of experts of tax business and maintenance with qualified personnel of bodies of the state tax service of Republic Uzbekistan according to the decision of the Cabinet of Republic Uzbekistan from 7/14/1998 of year № 298 the Tax college at the State tax committee of Republic Uzbekistan has been formed.

The primary goals of Tax college are:
Satisfaction of requirements of the state tax service of Republic Uzbekistan in qualified personnel of an  average link;
Profound development of professional skills trained, maintenance of deep development of economic and legal knowledge with them, tax laws, techniques of realization of control functions of bodies of tax service;

Realization of general educational and professional programs within the limits of the state educational standard, providing intellectual development, formation of skills of practical activities and creative abilities trained;

Strengthening and development of traditions of tax service of Uzbekistan, studying and development of positive foreign experience in preparation and education of shots;

Maintenance of a continuous communication with educational institutions of the general secondary education for the purpose of formation of a qualitative contingent of entrants;

Development of system of training and improvement of professional skill of workers of tax service of republic, realization of the international cooperation in the field of a professional training for bodies of the state tax service.

Opening of this educational institution became important step to development of tax service of our Republic, to maintenance with its young shots which have got education at level of the international standard. That pupils have well mastered economic, legal knowledge, modern computer technologies, laws on taxes, and also ways of realization of powers of bodies of tax service, in college are created and all conditions are created. A problem of tax college in the course of training is implementation «Programs on preparation of national shots» and «the Law on formation», preparation fair and высокообразованных employees of tax service, the true Native land, to the people, a debt. The great attention is given use of modern computer technologies for study improvement of quality.

Training in college is carried out in the day form on the basis of the state educational grants, employment are spent in the Uzbek and Russian languages. The pupils who have arrived from other areas of Uzbekistan, are provided with a hostel.

Training term in college 3 years and 1 year of tests on practical work in bodies of tax service.

Training in college is conducted on special modern technologies which are conducted on chairs: «Special disciplines», «Economic disciplines», “Jazykovedenie”, «Socially-humanitarian and правоведческих sciences», «Natural and the exact sciences», «Information and means» and chair «Doprizyvnoj of preparation of young men and physical training». On chairs works more than 60 skilled teachers. Teachers of college actively keep in contact with World economy and Diplomacy university, with the Tashkent economic university, with Financial institution, with Tax academy, the Tashkent Islamic state university.

With a view of substantial carrying out of free time of pupils in college 40 scientific and sports section, and also amateur performances circle where is engaged more than 1000 pupils operates.

With a view of education of patriotism, expansion of an outlook of pupils, education of versatily developed generation, pupils of college visit museums and memorable places of a city of Tashkent.

Besides, with a view of mastering of national ideology, following exhibitions of books are held: «the Constitution – a basis of our law», «we Study Decisions and decrees of the president of Republic Uzbekistan», «About additional measures for realisation of the state youth policy», «News about taxes» «Year of the healthy child», «National idea of independence», «Respect for language, respect for the people», «Library – a source of knowledge», «the International day of struggle against a narcotism», «Alisher Navoi – the great lyric poet the writer», «Amir Timur – the statesman, the great commander», «To memory of the people we bow», by an anniversary of poet Muhammada Jusufa «Shoirning сози тинмайди», etc.

That it is better to acquire the knowledge received in college, pupils pass an industrial practice in tax inspections. After three-year training in college, pupils within 1 year pass an industrial practice in tax departments. During industrial practice passage to fix and deepen the received knowledge, pupils work with documents.

In college the hostel «Ukuvchilar турар жойи» on 340 places, dining room, «the Information resource centre», cultural – educational offices and household rooms which are equipped by necessary furniture functions.

In college there are 30 educational offices, from them 2 special offices for studying of software products, 2 offices are equipped by computers, an office of physics, chemistry, Russian, a military science office, an office for special subjects. Offices are equipped by the modern equipment.

In all subjects mugs work. In using the pupil the library from more than 30848 books, and also a reading room calculated on 60 places is given. Training and education in college meets the modern requirements.